Batteries are used to store the power that was generated by the solar panels. We offer different types of batteries depending on the application.

12Volt,102 amp hour Lead acid batteries are used for small applications. These batteries have a lifespan of between 2 – 5 years. Trojan lead acid batteries are also used, but these batteries needs a top up from time to time. The life span is between 5 to 8 years.

AGM batteries are used where the batteries will be situated inside a structure where there is not much ventilation. AGM batteries can be drained to a lower depth of discharge than Lead acid batteries and have a typical life cycle of 4 – 7 years, but it is more expensive.

LiFeYPO4 batteries or Lithium Iron Phosphate have become the leading technology in energy storage for the modern world. LiFeYPO4 batteries have more than 4 times the energy density than lead acid equivalents. LiFeYPO4 batteries are capable of delivering up to 90% of their charge for more than 4000 times. Some benefits of the LiFeYPO4 batteries:

  • Daily cycle for more than 10 years
  • 100% safe
  • 100% environmental friendly
  • LiFeYPO4 = 12kg / kWh
  • Lead Acid = 60kg / kWh